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Hello! My choice not to have sponsor leaves me free to say what I want, respecting everything and everyone creators and buyers .. but I have to earn a step to hell! Ok I joke, maybe..ghgh
From today it changes .. I feel inspired :DD
Start now .. Some time ago I attended the It Girls Shop at the beginning I used the skin but only to some shape, then came the mesh body and mesh heads and then Bento and

bla bla..
I admit I buy a lot, but a lot! and experiment.

I must say that few creators of applicators that really excite me, in recent months the shop

“It Girls” has done a truly remarkable job.
My last purchase that you can see in the photograph is Ash (for Catwa) is realistic, sweet, sensual..and important thing, I HAVE NOT EDITED WITH PHOTOSHOP !!! Here this excites me, perfection or nearly, It ‘s true the importance of a good shape should not be underestimated, I used both the Catya Bento default shape, the shape is that the creator of the skin makes available in the package and then acquires a shape of MP (For info on the shape you can contact me inworld).

The result is perfect with all the shape that I’ve tried, but this is the one I like best.
Of course I bought other applicators of this same creator and the result is excellent, both for lelutka, catwa, genesis lab..fiore..ok are shopping dependent I admit. In previous post you can see the combinations.
I had occasion to contact the creator by the NC, to get some info about the Omega appliers, well after only one day, she answered me!
Many times this does not happen with other creators .. we know it.. anyway!
I believe that the work of this creator should be rewarded!
I invite you to try the applicators of It Girls, because these deserve your attention
Keep it up Annie Jolifaunt !!!
Happy Shopping!


Face &Body Appliers – Ash Tan @Itgirls

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