Rose & Skin

Kiss From a rose

Lately I’m really inspired!
I always love going to the fairs, events..when I have some time to get online it really take this opportunity willingly.
I’m not a person to be “compulsive buying” and I like to buy when I am attracted to an object or a dress .. accessory etc .. I do not care at all that the object comes from a known great creator.
Must hit me, should inspire me, I have to fall in love.
I must admit that I do not go crazy for tattoos, but it’s also true that my inventory contains many, some are a gift .. some are purchased but forgotten.
When I saw this tattoo I have to admit, I took me 3 seconds to click “pay.” It was love at first sight!
Carol G is one of the creators of tattoo that I prefer because she manages to combine fantasy, sensuality, femininity and play.
I love this tattoo is feminine, gothic, sensuale..ok .. you see that I’m excited?
I really invite you to take a look at Carol G Tattoo shop.


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