MOOD #313

Hi Queens! I hope you are well. Did I mention that I’m not a constant person? Well every day I have to totally change, I can’t make myself fall into a single character .. no I don’t suffer from multiple personalities .. maybe..bah.. however, today I am wearing a creation from AMATARIA .
Windlight and lights might affect colors of the products that I’m wearing so
don’t forget to always try the demo.
I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for taking a look at my blog!

Head – Nuri @ LELUTKA

Shape – Zora Shape @ LOA

Skin – Jayla skin (beige) @ AMARA BEAUTY

Hair – Laquisha @ DOUX

Jacket, Top, Pants – Rexxy Set (Maitreya, Legacy)
12 fabric colors & 5 metal color by AMATARIA @ CYBER PUNK

Pose – Attitude @ GO&SEE

MOOD #311

Hi Sweeties
Today I present my personal version of the woman in red, what to say about these red lips.. and the eyeliners? Aaah wonderful, just the effect I was looking for.
But then I peeked around and what do I find? this fantastic set of DARKFIRE that combined with the MALVADA MUJER tattoo… What do you think? DIVINE!!
I know, I know .. I have said many times that I love pink .. today I decided for red!
Changes are always positive!
Okay, enough for now, Have a great day 💕


Lipstick – HD Vivi Lipstick (Lel, Genus)
16 colors hd
2 styles 100%/80% transparency W/ombre by TOP1 SALON @ KAWAII

Eyeliners – Aura Eyeliner (Lel, Genus) 6 styles – 5 colors bottom eyeshadow and clean one by TOP1 SALON @ HARAJUKU

Tattoo – Dream On (Omega, BOM) 3 shades

Top&Panties – Heidi Set (Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy, Slink) @ DARKFIRE

Nosebleed @ Ladybird

Collar – Ichbd collar @ Human Glitch

MOOD #309

Hi sweeties! How are you?
Today I am here with this look .. I am uncertain whether to define it .. sexy dark?
However I like it!
I wasn’t sure about the capture, I didn’t want to do just a portrait,
I wanted something sexy and I think I did it.
The make-up is TOP1 SALON, there are many colors to choose from, I really went crazy, I liked everyone !!
The shorts are by DARKFIRE, I like them very much and I combined them with the LUNAR sweater that falls from the shoulders .. sooo sexy.
I hope you like these items too and like the look !
Thank you in advance for all the support ❤❤

Head – Nuri @ LELUTKA

Skin – Tess @ LAURA HURLEY

Eyeshadows – HD Chrome Eyeshadows – 10 colors and 2 styles (Lelutka, Genus)

Lipstick – HD Sphynx Lipstick – 3 palette colors (lelutka, Genus) by TOP1 SALON @ LEVEL

Shorts – Eryn Shorts (Maitreya, Belleza,Slink) @ DARKFIRE

Sweater – Baby Sweater @ LUNAR

MOOD #308

Hello Queens!
I’m chic today.
It was a long time since I wanted to post this dress but I had not yet gained the right inspiration.
Sometimes it happens .. I combined the dress with this super super trendy furry top and I really like the result!
The dress is a LOWEN creation and the top is from DARKFIRE.
Simply glamorous!
Why not take a stroll and try some demos?
Just to make you ready for your next glam evening! 😝

Dress – Aimee Dress (maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Slink) @ LOWEN

Top – Dakota fur Top (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink) @ DARKFIRE

Hair – Tam Bun @F.Q.

skin – Bekka @ GLAM AFFAIR

MOOD #307

Hello Ladies, first of all I want to thank my sponsors for always being a source of inspiration for my posts.
Have you noticed that in my posts I don’t have a common thread? Well if you haven’t noticed, I’ll tell you.
I love the changes I can make with my doll.
In this post (in my opinion very chic) ​​I wear the jumpsuit created by my new sponsor DARKFIRE.
This suit is available in 25 colors (16 plain and 9 wool patterns) .
Each Color (sold separately) comes with a HUDs to change color of metals, bows, trims and bags.
I am really satisfied with the result!
I invite you to visit this shop and try everything, absolutely everything! Thanks for visiting my blog, I wish everyone a happy weekend.💕

Jumpsuit – Kaia Jumpsuit with One shoulder bag
(Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink) @ DARKFIRE

Hair – Malori @ DOUX

Head – Nuri @ LELUTKA

Skin – Imani @ GLAM AFFAIR

MOOD #306

Hi sweeties, here we are with a particular post. this time I was inspired by this outfit.
When I wore it I decided to combine short hair.
It’s very rock, isn’t it? I wanted to get inspired by Tina Turner I saw a TV report about her and she was wearing a suit like that.
Ok enough talk, this outfit is from VISION and is available at UBER.
For a super super sexy touch, I matched the NOVEMBER earrings.
I leave you humming. 🎸♥

Dress – Jackets – Boots – Mell Set (Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy, Slink)

Earrings – Cherish Diamond Ear Cuffs by NOVEMBER @ KINKY

MOOD #305

Hello Sweeties!

Today I am wearing a set of AVALE, tops and shorts are available in 9 colors and you can find them at COSMOPOLITAN.
The make up is instead of TOP1 SALON .
Hd bldy lipstick in 20 colors and you can find it at HARAJUKU.
The oily eyeshadow 8 basic colors and 4 styles (100% , 80%, trasparency, with or without eyeliner) I’m wearing V1 version.
I really like the whole .. candid but not angelic effect.
How complicated I am!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.
Take care of you. See you soon!💋

Eyeshadows – Oily Eyeshadows (Genus, Lelutka,BOM) V1 @ TOP1 SALON

Lipstick – Hd Bldy lipstick (Genus, Lelutka,BOM)

Skin – Maddy skin @ DEETALEZ

Top & Shorts – Fancy Set (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Legacy)